For a long time now women have had to suffer the fate of an industry that produces 'women's equipment' simply by a method known as 'shrink it and pink it' - which translates as 'not made, just marketed to women'.

Well lady rippers, kiss that goodbye - because Blackbird's artisan ski manufacturers have answered the call. Our handpicked selection of boutique brands has done the R&D and created some of the hottest, coolest, most desirable - and best performing - skis we've ever seen.

At Blackbird Bespoke Skis we've heard from lady skiers who love their lady-brands - and we applaud them all. Take She Jumps for instance. Their mission is to encourage greater participation and enjoyment of all females in outdoor activities and to do that, they've engaged some super cool folk to drive the brand. The team includes all time uber female ripper, Lynsey Dyer as one of their founding directors.

We're also loving the extremely cool ski gear, adventures and videos of female athletes ripping it up at Unicorn Picnic. They even made a movie with Kickstarter funding called Pretty Faces showing just how incredible women are!

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Blackbird Bespoke Skis love this sad-but-true account of how women's ski equipment has been seen - until now.                 

"The team at Coalition Snow believe that women deserve watered-down the very best equipment on the planet. Equipment that sand bags helps them shine bright like the stars they are, advancing and perfecting with every turn. Equipment made by a company founded by women who dedicate a fraction 100% of their energy and resources on designing equipment that is based on perceived weaknesses amplifies the strengths of women."

True talk based on experience because like you, they're struggled to find ski gear companies that cater specifically to women's needs; that prioritize and celebrate the strengths of women and help them push their limits, master their skills and celebrate their successes!

Since an extensive search by them failed to unearth a women-focused company, they set up their own - the world's first all-women ski company specialising in high performance skis and snowboards, designed by women for women.

Now, women in Australia and New Zealand can join sister skiers around the world and enjoy the exhilaration of having greater confidence and feeling totally alive out there. Coalition Snow's mission is to banish 'shrink it and pink it' mentality forever while shining the spotlight on women who 'write their own stories' and carve their own destinies. Women who know that to 'ski like a girl' is no longer an insult born of ignorance, but a term of admiration.

So to all the girls out there who strive to push their boundaries, whether it's bagging first descents or making first turns on a bunny run, Coalition Snow shares your sense of adventure and desire to do more. Welcome to the #SisterhoodOfShred. 

And we, at Blackbird Skis - salute you all.

When they moved into their new shop, little did they know that Lynsey Dyer was right next-door. What's more, they didn't know she was wanting to work with a ski company to develop a new ski just for women. Be it fate or something else the union was formed and the results are these amazing skis, all built with extensive input from Lynsey.
The Gnarwhal and the award-winning UP Pro delivers flotation and stability in variable snow conditions, combined with playful off-edge manoeuvrability to women who seek a soft snow ski that excels all over the mountain.
The UP Pro features a poplar core, sintered bases and a top sheet graphic designed by the multi-talented Lynsey Dyer. According to Freeskier Buyers' Guide, Women's Skis Category, Editor's Pick, these skis are: "Built with aggressive, hard-charging skiers in mind, the UP Pro earned the highest marks in stability, playfulness and float."
At Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co, we're so looking forward to introducing you to Sego Ski Co.

RMU has an all new line of skis designed specifically for, and by, women. They received over 500 applications from women all over the world to help them create this line. Only 20 were chosen who held the most experienced and professional resumes from the skiing world.

These athletes provided feedback on their current line to create the shapes and sizes they were looking for. There were three different rounds in designing the skis, and two more rounds testing prototypes. The final products that you see here have unique shapes with more rocker in the tail than in the tip, and various flex patterns. Exactly what women need and nothing they don't.

At Blackbird Skis, we're stoked to be able to bring these skis to you.