Why Blackbird Loves Marker Bindings

They spent 65 years perfecting performance and protection.

Some 65 years ago in the Bavarian Alps, when alpine winter sports were very much in their infancy, Hannes Marker (sports journalist and ski instructor) made binding history. Driven by a growing concern about injuries sustained by his eager students and other inexperienced skiers, he resolved to lessen the sport's inherent risks.

Marker believed that inadequately responsive skiing equipment was the single biggest cause of injuries and set about to find a solution to the problem. Marker was a perfectionist whose problem-solving approach and commitment to arduous work paid off. He successfully developed a technique whereby a skier's leg would automatically free itself from the toe-piece (connected to the ski) once the pressure on the knee reached critical point. The Marker Company was up and running.

At the 1952 Sporting Goods Trade Fair in Wiesbaden, it was with enormous pride in his own ingenuity that Hannes Marker presented his new binding – the MARKER DUPLEX. The occasion marked the beginning of a new era in winter sports – an era characterised by radical new developments in binding technologies and the ever-increasing popularity of skiing as both a professional sport and a recreational pastime. 

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