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Welcome to Blackbird Bespoke Skis

At Blackbird Bespoke Skis, we specialise in funky, high-tech, stunning, unusual, vivid, outstanding, cutting edge handmade skis -
with a price tag similar to the mass-produced variety. What's not to love about that!

Since we believe every skier is different, we reckon your skis should be too and that's why we're doing this. We'd love to set you up with a handmade brand that's best suited to your skiing style, personality and preferences. Our stable of established, international boutique brands features 'beyond today' designs that have been crafted with care and detail so they will last you longer and perform better. They've been created from experience, knowledge, research, wisdom and soul - yep, all that extra goodness for a price that's close to a mass-produced figure.
We love it too.

Please check it out here, now. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and we'd love to hear about your experiences
once you get some handmade skis under your feet! 
Cheers, The Blackbirds.

How To Use Our Shop

We work hard to make this part as easy as possible. When looking at our product's availability you will see a couple of options:
You can find out what these mean in more detail HERE, but the abridged version is that skis that are 'In Stock' can be shipped to you right away. Skis that are 'Pre Order Now' will take a little longer as we ship these in.
If your ski order is urgent, we can accommodate this too (although this may incur an additional shipping fee).
We find all our suppliers are very accommodating and do all they can to expedite your shipment.
See, too easy!

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Slopestyle Joins The Conspiracy!

Slopestyle Joins The Conspiracy!
The Blackbird crew are very proud to welcome aboard our latest member to join the team, Mitchell Breitfuss. Mitchell has lived in Perisher Valley his whole life, skiing the mountains since he was two years old. Cutting his teeth in disciplines including Alpine and Skier Cross, Mitch found a natural affinity...

New Bird Joins The Conspiracy!

New Bird Joins The Conspiracy!
The Blackbird crew are very proud to welcome aboard our latest member to join the team, Arkie Elliss. Starting her skiing life at 2yo and growing up literally on a pair of skis has seen Arkie become a formidable young skier.  Building on her natural talent with dedicated programs like...

This is Japan.

This is Japan.
As you may have gathered from earlier posts, the Blackbirds love visiting Japan. And we know we are not the only ones that this mystical place has touched. To get a real sense of the 'wonderment' that you experience there, check out this awesome short film by Mattias Evangelista. It...

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