We keep it simple. If you buy your skis and bindings from us, we'll mount them for free!

We will need your boot sole measurement in MM usually found on the heel of your ski boot. As some new binding models work on 'forward pressure' on the ski boot, this can only be done with the ski boot present, so if we fit your bindings without the boot (based on sole measurement), you will still need to get the bindings checked with your boots by a ski technician to ensure correct forward pressure setting is achieved, prior to skiing on them. Failure to do this may result in improper binding operation.

If you are sending your old bindings in to us for mounting, please ensure that all the screws are present and accounted for and secured in a ziploc bag or similar.

We can mount most models of bindings for the brands that we sell, and possibly others, so please Contact Us first to confirm your binding model.

We reserve the right to turn away old/damaged skis, bindings, or skis that have been remounted many times where a new mount will be unsafe.