Binding Freedom Stainless Steel threaded inserts for installation in skis.  Installs permanently in all alpine skis so that bindings can be removed and replaced hundreds of times.  Special design allows full threads 6mm deep while sealing the ski from water intrusion and installs in a hole drilled 9.5mm deep. 

Now you can remove, install, swap, and adjust your ski bindings just like snowboarders have been doing for years! 

There are other folks selling unlicensed knock-offs of this product, but Binding Freedom inserts are superior for several reasons:  They are constructed with rolled threads, for far superior pull-out strength, and longevity of internal threads.  These inserts utilise a proprietary design to achieve the deepest internal thread engagement - 6mm deep.  The slotted top doesn't interfere with the threads, but greatly simplifies the installation process. Read all the installation instructions here and watch the instruction video below.

If you aren't sure you want to drill into your skis and install these yourself, then ask us about our installation service! Send us your skis and we'll do it for you. Too easy!