You're here because you're wondering, "what's on the next level"?

Remember 'that' pair of skis you loved so much? The ones that just worked for you, right out of the box. From your first turns you felt at ease; you had more power and control. You could begin a turn at will. In fact you skied more runs, got less tired, and tackled more difficult terrain with greater certainty. Then you stayed out on the piste later because you were having much more fun.

With your custom-made Blackbird Bespoke Skis you can relive that experience ... amplified!

The Blackbird custom-made solution offers skis that flex effortlessly into just the shape of the turn you expect - and you do it instantly, instinctively, without the need to plan, set up and execute.

Our skis are matched to your weight and strength, and provide greater versatility because of the right flex and shape. They work easily across a wider range of snow conditions and terrain challenges. They hold an edge precisely on hard snow; penetrate smoothly in crud, and round out easily in powder. You ski with greater confidence, power and joy.

Like a custom ski boot, your Blackbird Bespoke Skis are adapted to you. There’s no learning curve while you adapt to a ski. It’s an instant match.

At Blackbird, we believe you will love your new skis - they're already optimised for flex distribution, side-cut shape and width, weight, float, 'pop' and glide speed. We choose only the best materials for your skis, and we champion simple, solid construction.

Welcome to the next level.

The information we need...
To get started on your custom ski journey, please fill in the details in this form and we'll get back to you with our recommendation for what we think will be the best ski for you.

Our build schedule...
We build our custom skis to order, based on the information provided by you and after a deep discovery about what kind of skier you really are. So, as you can imagine, these skis take time to build. Everything is made to order, including your top sheet, so bear this in mind when looking at ordering your new custom made skis. Our builder is a true artisan, and takes his time to build the best quality ski for you. Please allow 8-12 weeks for the build of your new skis. Having said that, if you have a sudden urge to get your custom made skis for that 'once in a lifetime' trip to that 'dream location' that just popped up, get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do.

If you'd like to know more, please call or email. We are only too happy to talk about the process with you.