Now here's something that is on the mind of every online shopper: the price.

We've mentioned elsewhere in the site that we structure our prices on a "Global Price Model", which means you don't pay more for the product just because we live on an island continent at the bottom of the globe.

In fact, in most instances, you will pay less when buying from us, than if you went directly to our suppliers.

To help explain how it works for you, here are the main factors to consider when purchasing from overseas:

* The exchange rate - the US Dollar fluctuates daily, but for the current climate as a very general rule, any price you see in USD you should multiply by 1.4 to get the Aussie equivalent.

* Shipping - some suppliers will ship free internationally (awesome!) but most need to tack on a shipping fee of around $120 - $150 USD, so don't forget to add that before you convert your price.

* Hidden Costs - occasionally, Customs like to check your order against the invoice attached to it, to ensure that everything inside the package is as declared on the invoice (this has to match or there are additional fees/fines). But when they do this check, it can incur a $50 AUD fee. If it gets sent to Quarantine, then this becomes really expensive, as those guys charge by the hour.

* GST - as of July 1 2017, any item you purchase from overseas will now incur the GST. The $1000 AUD GST free threshold will no longer exist, as the Govt wants to cash in on the $6billion worth of goods Aussies buy online every year that don't collect GST! So once you have converted your price into AUD, multiply that by 1.1 to get the final AUD price for your skis.

So, for example, you may see some skis in the USA on sale for $490 USD, so add shipping ($120 USD), then multiply by 1.4, then multiply by 1.1 and this works out to be $939 AUD. Still a great deal for handmade skis, but we'll sell those to you, shipped to your door for $897 AUD. Better than going direct! 

You'll be supporting an Australian owned and operated company and get the best price for handmade skis. What's not to love about that?

If you'd like to know more about our pricing structure, get in touch!