Our touring adapters step in and out of your downhill ski bindings to allow you to efficiently ski tour uphill while retaining all the performance and safety of alpine bindings on the way down.

Adapters for Tech & Alpine Boots!
Tour on your skis, with your boots... without tech inserts or with tech inserts, in our adapters so you can ski anywhere, without sacrificing performance & safety to tour.

Daymakers Classic - Works with ANY boots, sizes 275mm to 345mm, no walk mode required, and only 730gm per adapter.

New Tekdapters - Works with Tech Toe boots, sizes 255mm to 345mm, Walk Mode recommended, and only 530gm per adapter.

Both adapter systems enable you to use the downhill ski gear you already own to go touring, and are offered for the same price to make your choice easy!

TEKDAPTERS enable you to use your existing skis & bindings with a pin boot to go touring.
DAYMAKERS CLASSIC enable you to use your existing downhill boots, bindings, and skis to go touring.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co. is proud to be the appointed distributor for Daymaker Touring products in Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to have any of the Daymaker products in your store, please get in touch at or call
0402 309 466.