Our goal is pretty simple: we want to be the best online retailer of handmade skis in Australia and New Zealand.

Our way of doing this is also pretty simple: put the customer first and think outside the box to deliver the best possible experience and service. We want to get to know how you ski, where you ski and what you want from your skis.

The internet has changed the way you research your purchases & shop. There is no turning back. We know this, we live this and we breathe this.

In fact, one of the most important elements that we work on is price. At Blackbird we work on a global price model. That means that we aim to bring you these handmade skis at the same price (or lower if we can) as it would cost you to buy them direct. So once you factor in the currency conversion, the GST*, international shipping to your door and customs clearance, these will work out to be the same price or less than if you were to try and buy them directly. The benefits to you are a lower price and local support, including your warranty claims. In fact, the price of a set of handmade skis is comparable to many mass produced models. Compare for yourself.

You as Australian and New Zealand consumers want more, and you deserve more. You deserve to be treated with respect and provided with all the information you require to make an informed decision. It is our clear goal to be providers of this information.

We want to bring you the best selection of handmade and custom made skis in Australia and New Zealand. We have great ski industry experience and resources that we share with our customers, and use to carefully select the best range of gear that will take your skiing to the next level. 

We travel extensively and ski for ourselves whenever possible, with a combination of knowledge that incorporates beginner skiing needs right through to experts, on-piste and off, backcountry, freestyle and terrain park. We hope you enjoy shopping here with us, and look forward to getting some handmade skis under your feet.
Cheers, The Blackbirds.