We work hard to make this part as easy as possible. When looking at our product's availability you will see a couple of options:
'IN STOCK' - We have a great selection of our brands in stock, ready to dispatch, and this range is growing all the time. When you place an order, we get the skis ready to dispatch to you right away. We ship on a weekly basis (usually Tuesdays) so you get it quickly.
'PRE-ORDERED' - This is for any models we don't have in stock. To make sure you get your skis before your next Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere snow adventure, we order from our suppliers every couple of months. We inform you of when to expect your order once we confirm all the details, but if you need to find out before you place an order, just drop us a line or shoot an email.
As all these brands are special, handcrafted, limited run items, and the lead time can vary, so it's good to check in with us to make sure your desired skis will be here in time for your next adventure.
If your ski order is urgent, we'll place the order immediately with our supplier and get your skis sent over as soon as possible (this may incur an additional shipping fee).
We find all our suppliers are very accommodating and do all they can to expedite your shipment.
See, too easy!