La Nieve Backcountry Ski - Ink & Alpenglow

  • La Nieve Backcountry Ski - Ink & Alpenglow


La Nieve Backcountry Ski - Ink & Alpenglow

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A backcountry specific ski that gets you up the hill as quickly as you can get down it.

There’s nothing worse than having your skis ghost on you like a bad Tinder date while dropping into a holy grail line after a slog uphill. With the La Nieve backcountry ski, you’ll never have to sacrifice commitment for a lightweight ride. At just under 7 pounds these skis won’t feel like a ball-and-chain, but they’ll have your back from the summit to the tailgate. Swipe right for more smiles and highfives.

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Sofia Forsman on Oct 10, 2018

I have skied the La Nieve's as my main ski for the past three years and until they are discontinued - I will continue to!
I am a working professional in the ski industry and split my time between catskiing and ski touring. Sure, I am a strong skier but I ski every day and don't send it, unless I feel great and have a day off. Whatever it is, I ski the La Nieve.

They are light enough to ski every day without feeling exhausted, they are light in the air (if you like to take some) but still stable enough when you land. They are playful and responsive, If I need to make a last minute stop they will allow me to. 

Because they have camber you can really lay down your turns on groomers as well.
They are simply the most well rounded skis I have ever skied.

I am 5'4 (162cm) and 130 pounds (60kg) and ski the 168, every single day, because that's how great these skis are.

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