Every one of these big, bold, beautiful quality skis proudly bears the words, 'hand made in Colorado'. They've been around over 14 years, and they're doing something very right. Continually evolving and improving, Fat-ypus just keep pushing boundaries and testing new materials, layups, shapes and sizes. They're regarded as pioneers of the indie-brand, handcrafted ski scene and they consistently turn up in the quiver of 'top five skis that skiers want' every ski season. We reckon you can count on Fat-ypus to evoke big smiles wherever you take them - or wherever they take you.

Founded by a cliff-loving big mountain pro who rode with Shane McConkey, Fat-ypus made a name for itself with its own McConkey-like experiment in ski design. Utilizing unprecedented super-fat width for flotation, Fat-ypus gave aggressive skiers a stiff, traditional-camber option for the deepest possible days. This was the legendary A-Lotta, a shockingly nimble ski that refused to fold up at any speed. No other powder ski could compare...until 2015's introduction of the Fat-ypus Mack 5. But the Fat-ypus lineup has expanded far beyond super-fats, to include skis for even the most painfully long gaps between powder days. With hard-charging stability and a lively, playful feel, Fat-ypus skis have a distinct way of multiplying in the backs of skiers' trucks. And now with both traditional and 5-point designs for every logical width, Fat-ypus accounts for all conditions and lets you decide if you want to make a few turns—or just send it to the bottom.

We have a range of Fat-ypus skis in stock, but if you find the model you are after is not, and you would like to have them ready for your ski trip, get in touch and we'll bring them in for you quick!


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Fat-ypus M5 $1,197.00
Fat-ypus M5 FT $1,197.00
Fat-ypus L5 $1,197.00
Fat-ypus X-Sight $1,197.00
Fat-ypus D'Light $1,197.00