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Sego Clever 106 176cm

  • Sego Clever 106 176cm

Secret Stash

Sego Clever 106 176cm

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All our EX DEMO skis come as flat skis with all binding mount holes filled so that you can mount your favourite bindings on them. 

The Sego Clever 106 176cm

The Cleaver is the clear choice among the Sego lineup for skiers seeking high speed stability and powerful edge engagement across a broad spectrum of snow conditions. Our most powerful mixed conditions ski, the Cleaver is ideal for someone looking for the off piste stability of a 106mm class ski, blended with the confidence inspiring feel that is the hallmark of a full length, 31m radius sidecut.

An elongated tip rocker profile provides ample flotation and intuitive tracking in powder and soft chop, while a stiff flex and 3mm of camber underfoot supplies unwavering stability in less desirable snow conditions. This is the ski of choice for Sego athletes competing in freeskiing events around the globe.


  • 176cm long
  • 133-106-126
  • Maple aspen core
  • Carbon Stringers
  • 1.4 mm base
  • VDS rubber
  • Triax Fiberglass
  • 25m turning radius at 187cm

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