Secret Stash

Roko 'Platform 1' 120 180cm WITH BINDINGS

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Secret Stash

Roko 'Platform 1' 120 180cm WITH BINDINGS

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It can be hard to find a brake that suits a 120mm underfoot ski, so we've left the bindings on these monsters, so all you have to do is take them to the deepest powder you can find and float away...

ROKO Skis are new to Blackbird and are handmade in Niseko, Japan. Coming soon to our store for purchase, you get to demo them before they even land here.

ROKO Project is a manufacturing project of a dream. They prefer a life that is stimulating and in which they challenge themselves with something new everyday. Team ROKO cooperates and challenges.

The craftsmen in ROKO are going to show underlying strength by making a ski. The development is continued to make a good ski for NISEKO. It was produced by a new idea, test data were collected, it was analyzed, the improvement was continued and 3 model were made up to now.

The Roko is made up of local riders that have spent years in the Niseko powder. They are up on Yotei each weekend, they are ski patrolling on the resort, they are enjoying early retirement and spend everyday skiing as a policy, they are guiding customers through some of Niseko’s secret stashes.

We put all of the Niseko local skiers requests into one monster powder ski. Flat tail, rocker up top, a mid-life crisis 120 waistline with a bit of camber.


Lift Accessed BC Field.

Cat Skiing.

You can go anywhere you want with this leviathan.


CAMBER:A little Camber (Flat Tail)

FLEX:Mid Flex

CORE:Maple core

Length Nose Width Waist Tail width Radius Weight (per pair)
180cm 145mm 120mm 135mm 20m – Well, she's not skinny...

    Powder. Cat Ski. Lift accessed BC.

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