Fat-ypus M5 106 TRAVEL DEMO 188cm

  • Fat-ypus M5 106 TRAVEL DEMO 188cm


Fat-ypus M5 106 TRAVEL DEMO 188cm

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Available for our Travel Demo Program.

Just select the length of time you want to demo the skis for.

Select your flight departure date, and process the order. Too easy!

We will make sure that the skis are delivered by a courier around 5 days before your flight departure date.

The Fat-ypus M5 106

122/131/106/126/117 - 188cm

The M5 is a new 5 point design ski from Fat-ypus that may even challenge our L-Toro model for being the best one ski quiver you can own! The M5 is extremely quick due to being a 5 point design and also very lightweight. As a result, since it is 106mm underfoot, this new Fat-ypus ski is not only a great choice for all and any in bounds skiing, but also an incredible option for touring backcountry and side-country too.

Don't be intimidated by the length, these are light and ski shorter than you think!

    All Mountain

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