Daymakers Classic Ski Touring Adapters

  • Daymakers Classic Ski Touring Adapters


Daymakers Classic Ski Touring Adapters

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The Daymakers convert any standard downhill ski setup into a powder-chasing alpine touring rig in a matter of seconds.

With the great NEW REDUCED PRICE of $540.00 including free shipping in Australia, this covers all import, GST and Customs Fees as well (if you buy them from the USA, when they arrive in Australia they incur a GST of 10% on the purchase price AND shipping fee, plus a Customs processing fee of $50 to $80).

Fancy going out from your accommodation in the resort, touring up a groomer before the mountain opens!

Or maybe you're just venturing out from the resort for the first time!

Or maybe this is the perfect solution for a trip to Japan where you will literally ride the chairlifts 80% of the time! 

Or maybe you ski the backcountry 5 days a year and it isn't worth a $2,000 investment in pin-system boots and bindings?

No problem, we've got you covered.

The Daymakers Alpine Touring Adapters will convert YOUR DOWNHILL ski setup into an alpine touring system in a matter of seconds!

Daymaker Touring


Simply attach climbing skins to your skis, clip the Daymakers onto your boots, and step into your skis.



Once you reach the goods, Daymakers can be stepped out of with a flick of your pole and the flat, low-profile design stores unobtrusively in your pack.

The revolutionary 4-Bar Tech hinge creates the most natural stride in all of ski touring by relocating the pivot from a single point in front of your toes to a linkage-driven virtual pivot that rotates directly under the balls of your feet. In simple terms, it puts back some of the motion and stability given by your toes hinging on your foot, which is taken away by the rigidity of a ski boot!

 Daymaker Touring

On flat terrain, like approaches ridge lines, or even mellow descents, the -3° neutral stance of the Daymakers counters the forward lean built into boots and bindings for a comfortable, upright stance, even with non-walk-mode boots. When the going gets steeper there are 10° and 16° elevators that can be quickly deployed with your hand or ski pole using the Easy Levers.

And if you want to know how to set them up for your boots, just check out THE TUTORIALS HERE.

... And the video HERE.

... And to see just how well they can be used in operation (plus just watch some really good snow action) check out NOURISHMENT.

... And if you want to hear the opinion of some respected independent reviewers, have a read of this Blister Gear Review after many days testing the Daymakers out at Crested Butte.


Avoid the lift lines and start touring today!

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