It seems there's a natural progression for a lot of skiers - the more they ski, the more their interest in equipment grows. They want to know how skis are put together, and what technology helps power them through every skiing condition.

Right from the very start, the RMU goal was not to start an international company, but to satisfy their own curiosity to simply understand more about skis, skiing and the impact of design. Little did they realise what impact all this would have on the industry - around the world. 

Back in 2007, RMU was a dream shared by several friends in a garage. They began researching the processes, equipment and materials with the same passion they'd brought to the table when researching snow conditions, new lines to ski and weather patterns. Today they're out of the garage and in Carbondale, Colorado, where they employ 7 factory workers, with a team of 8 working on their sales and marketing. They realised that growth was essential for the future of RMU so they maintained their '50 plus days on snow' policy (as a staff requirement - no arm-twisting involved!); they implemented an employee-ownership program, and donated skis to raise funds for several non-profit organisations.

Every day, RMU face up to new challenges; and develop future strategies and plans that will ensure continued production of their excellent brand. Staff loyalty is vital so every RMU staffer is afforded the opportunity to live comfortably, to ski and pursue the lifestyle that connects us all. If they can continue to shape their company this way and adhere to their foundation values, and maintain their reputation for innovation and fair dealing, they're satisfying their goals.

The guys at RMU skis also keep a finger on the environmental pulse. Currently they're using Entropy Super Sap epoxy and resins - not only are they excellent quality and performers, but the manufacture of this epoxy system creates 50% fewer emissions than conventional petroleum based epoxies. Good one, RMU. And that's just one of the ways they plan to lookout for our future. Stay tuned.

We have a range of RMU skis in stock, but if you find the model you are after is not, and you would like to have them ready for your ski trip in the Northern hemisphere, get in touch and we'll bring them in for you quick!

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