Roz G. Pro Model Halfpipe Ski - Flannel Sunspot

  • Roz G. Pro Model Halfpipe Ski - Flannel Sunspot


Roz G. Pro Model Halfpipe Ski - Flannel Sunspot

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We turned things over to professional halfpipe skier Roz Groenewoud to design the ski of her dreams. This asymmetrical ski is lightweight, strong, and agile. It features traditional camber under foot and high performance race bases. She found the ever-elusive sweet spot of stiffness—her ski isn’t as soft as a traditional park ski and it’s not as stiff as a GS ski. Whether you’re looking for a ski that can withstand the G-force of traveling through the transition at fast speeds or an exceptional carving ski, the Roz G Pro Model will perform to pro standards every time.

Graphics by Lauren Bello Okerman

LENGTHS: 166 cm/  176 cm

TIP: 109 mm/  112mm

WAIST: 82 mm/  86mm

TAIL: 100 mm/  104mm

RADIUS: 20 m radius

CAMBER: Traditional full camber ski

WEIGHT: 4.1 kgs

CONSTRUCTION: Full wood core. Slanted ABS sidewalls and sandwich construction ensures you won’t be hungry on the chair lift and provide torsional stiffness that give the ski more pop and a solid edge grip. Full traditional camber means these skis hold an edge on the firmest of conditions. Solid black race bases reduce drag and allow for fast gliding. Made in the USA with FSC certified woods and Entropy resins. 


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Eryka Dupuis-Lepack on Jan 09, 2018

The Roz G's are hand. down the best skis I have ever skied on. It is an agressive park, and pipe ski. I have taken them both into the pipe, and park, and it's just an awesome competition ski. With it's stiff, yet forgiving core, the Roz G's really hit the sweet spot flex-wise. They turn on a dime and are very responsive, making them very quick and stable on jumps (wether you are skiing forwards or switch).


Jeanee Crane-Mauzy on Dec 31, 2017

I love the Roz G ski, I am a competitive halfpipe skier and the Roz G ski is perfectly made for the pipe. It has the right amount of stiffness and flex, as well as bounce. I find it easer to do my tricks and feel stable getting big air. Plus they have one of the best top coat designs out!


Britt on Nov 28, 2017

The Roz G ski is the best ski I have ever ridden in the halfpipe. It is light and forgiving while still being stiff and aggressive. It rides equally well forward and switch and the race base means with a good wax they are incredibly fast. It is easy to manoeuvre through rotations and is forgiving on tougher landings. The Roz G is not just for the pipe though! Because it has traditional camber it rides really well on the groomers under high speed and pressure. The edges holds well, even in icy conditions. I recommend this ski to any lady wanting an amazing halfpipe ski or an aggressive groomer twin tip.

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