European handcrafted goodness, right here in Australia and New Zealand!

After 10 years of research, with 5 years of developing & testing designs built by their own hands, Fauna Skis launched their line of beautiful, wood finished, factory-produced skis.

They got into freeskiing through the park and as such began with developing a park ski, the Alparka. Taking on known problems in park skis, for example, fighting edge cracks with factory-detuned, thicker edges, while still keeping high performance and keeping the skis looking good.

As with their own journey in freeskiing, following on from the park, they began to explore beyond the groomed snow. Reflecting this, their all-mountain freeride ski, the Pioneer, was built finding a balance between weight and stability.

All of their production skis are built in small batches, in a specialist factory, based in the Czech Republic, using the best quality materials available, after extensive development and testing on mountains across the world.

Check them out, and feel free to ask us just how well they ski...