Tater Tot

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Tater Tot

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The Tater Tot is your one ski quiver for those who jib up and down the mountain. Sporting a poplar core, profiled to be extremely stable underfoot but very light in the tips, throwing cork 7’s in the park feel like cheating. The Tots are our flagship jib ski in the Lunch Line, designed by Tait Trautman. Sego has designed the Tater Tot with aggressive tip and tail taper into a fully symmetrical 106mm underfoot playful ski. The tips and tails have a “Butter Platform” making it extremely easy to lay butters down with seamless transitions. The inspiration for the Tater Tot is having fun and inspiring creativity, characteristics of our very own Tait, and his Tots.


  • 130-108-130
  • Poplar Core
  • 1.4 mm base
  • Double VDS rubber
  • Triax Fiberglass
  • 19.5m turning radius at 181cm

All Mountain Jib

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