Soul Skis


  • Handmade Skis and Custom Made Skis from Sweden now available in Australia and New Zealand from Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co.

Soul Skis


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When it comes to floatation and powder power this is a machine.

Everything is shaped and designed to meet the true powder junkies demands.

Very stable and much lighter than you would believe.

User friendly and still a charger that won’t let you down. Ever.

183 cm, 142-124-134, R 23 m
Rocker profile v3 (art nr 1509)

191 cm, 145-124-136, R 23 m
Rocker profile v3 (art nr 1510)

Big Mountain Powder 

"An easy going powder weapon with enough power to attract even
the professional powder junkies. Considered by the test panel to be
one of the best skis in this category!" - Powder Magazine

"In the powder it’s just as easy to surf, as it is to let go of the brake and give it full speed. The performance is very well balanced and trustworthy."
"Enough performance even for the real pro skier" -

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