HG Junkyard 'EL' 117 TRAVEL DEMO 182cm

  • HG Junkyard 'EL' 117 TRAVEL DEMO 182cm


HG Junkyard 'EL' 117 TRAVEL DEMO 182cm

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Available for our Travel Demo Program.

Just select the length of time you want to demo the skis for.

Select your flight departure date, and process the order. Too easy!

We will make sure that the skis are delivered by a courier around 5 days before your flight departure date.

The Junkyard EL Rockered Powder Ski - for EVERYWHERE

144/117/134 - 182cm

Most powder skis are designed for Alaska with huge open lines and neck deep snow. We've developed a ski for the rest of us. One which is just as floaty, but nimble enough to navigate the tightest tree runs. The EL has a tight sidecut that lets you bring the ski onto groomers without noticing you're on a ski designed with powder in mind. We recommend taking the EL everywhere, from hard pack groomers to side country freshies, big mountain and backcountry. The EL has all the same durability and carving technologies as our other skis.

Don't be intimidated by the length, these are light and ski shorter than you think!

    All Mountain, Fun

    Not sure if these are the skis for you? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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