Soul Skis


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  • Handmade Skis and Custom Made Skis from Sweden now available in Australia and New Zealand from Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co.

Soul Skis


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Loved by hard core powder freaks, hard charging piste phantoms, Japanophiles and even tour mongers.

This is as close to a classic as we get. With a unique rocker and a 17m radius you will do quicker turns than you would ever imagine on a 112mm underfoot ski.

The fat tip makes it float and steer in powder, and with the typical Soul skis construction you'll be ploughing all day due to the torsional rigidity, low weight and steady edge grip.

And it will still look more fabulous than all the other skis in the rack.

185 cm, 149-112-139, R 17 m
Rocker profile v2 (art nr 1507)

Big Mountain Powder 

"The Black's performance in powder is A1! This ski is extremely fun and a true and reliable friend every day. Works everywhere!"
"The ski is recommended for everyone really. It does the work good, and it works on the whole mountain."
"No real weaknesses!" -

"Off piste skiing is very smooth, very quiet and totally reliable, even at high speed. At the same time, it is agile and very lively. Without exaggeration, the Black is a connoisseur of all terrain, making the testing extremely fun and convincing all our testers" - Bergstolz Magazine

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