Soul Skis Handmade Skis Custom Made Skis from Sweden, now available in Australia
Kristian & Martin started their journey around 2008 in their garage. Now it’s 2017 and they've built their own little factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where they create their handmade skis. Full time, every day. This is something pretty unique in Scandinavia. To be honest, they are the only brand there who does it this way. It started as an experiment driven by the passion for skiing and the will to challenge the traditional ways to produce skis. And today, the brothers are still driven by the same things but with a line up of world class skis. Skis with performance and a unique feeling. Skis with materials that may be considered luxurious for mass-produced brands, but come standard for Soul. They may be underdogs, but that's the way they like it: small and strong rather than big and weak. They use flexibility and the power of innovation to do what shouldn’t be possible. Because they can and because they want to. And Blackbird want to be a part of this. It is this passion and drive that we see in these unique, handmade skis. And like Kristian & Martin, we are all about experimenting and challenging the status quo. We are all different skiers, so why shouldn't our skis be?

For 2017/18 there are 10 different models in the line up. Really light weight skis but still with the focus on true downhill performance.

So if you would like to get some Soul Skis for this Northern Winter 2017/18, we have stock so we can have them delivered right to your door, freight free.

If you would like to know more about Soul Skis drop us a line or send us an email. We're always happy to talk about skis!