HG Skis is a freestyle ski company based in Burlington, VT. While they've been building and designing skis since 2006, the company was officially established in 2010.

In the age of 'locally grown products' and 'micro-brew' ski companies, the east coast of the US has been left without its own ski brand. As the only representatives of the east coast in the ski industry, they design, prototype, and manufacture product specifically for that type of terrain.

In 2006 Harrison Goldberg began work on a senior project in high school. Over a five-month process he built a ski press, a mould, and many of the specialised ski tools still used by the company today. Above all he built a pair of skis that he is still in love with.

For his first two years of college Harrison was in an out of other peoples' shop space. It wasn't until his "go-to" shop told him that he wasn’t allowed back, that he decided to invest in his own machines, and start a ski company.

During his third year of college Harrison met Connor Gaeta. Connor originally started with HG to develop their first twin tip, and function as a ski pro.

Since then, Connor has developed into a major component of the company. The two of them are very different people, but they share one major thing in common. They are crazy about skiing, and want to bring innovation to the sport in any way possible.

Currently they work out of a garage in Burlington, Vermont. They live in the neighbourhood, and they're building their favourite skis for you.

And that's just how we like it at Blackbird Skis.

UPDATE: We currently have one last pair of the Limited Edition, all 'Black' Junkyard EL models of HG skis in stock, and that will be the last pair ever as HG has decided to call it a day and close the factory down. It has been a hell of a ride and we have considered it a privilege to be selling their unique brand of urban-tough skis downunder.


HG Skis Handcrafted in Vermont, now at Blackbird Bespoke Skis in Australia
HG Junkyard EL From $1,149.00