Soul Skis


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  • Handmade Skis and Custom Made Skis from Sweden now available in Australia and New Zealand from Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co.

Soul Skis


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Based on the Turquoise ski we have adapted this ski for a little bit of a lighter skier. Flex, maneuverability and weight is in perfect harmony with it’s aimed user.

No ”pink it and shrink it” here. A wholly designed womens ski from the ground up.

The Keyword is versatility. Wether it’s deep powder or backcountry exploring you will be
amazed about this versatile ski. Feed it and you will be rewarded.

175 cm, 134-100-120, R 19 m
Rocker profile v2 (art nr 1515)

Big Mountain / Powder Women

"This performance in powder is unreal. It’s so easy to initiate turns, it floats perfectly
and it’s easy to stay on track. You will feel so much joy when riding it."

"Due to it’s performance it actually manages tougher terrain and high speed better than most other womens skis. Much due to it’s playfulness and high performance."

"No real weaknesses!"

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