The year is 2009, and the Douchebags journey is about to start. The young Norwegian student Truls Brataas is surfing with a group of friends off the West coast of Norway, when further out in the waves, he recognizes a surfer with a familiar face. Paddling out to say hi, Truls realizes that it is the face of the pioneer and legendary Swedish twin-tip skier Jon Olsson.

Truls and Jon quickly start talking, and before long they have uncovered a strong and mutual passion for traveling the world in search of epic skiing. However, they both also relate to the same painful luggage problems when traveling with a bunch of ski gear. The more they talk about bulky bags, heavy carrying and expensive overweight charges, the more they realize that something is not right. As Truls recalls, “we felt that something was inherently wrong with the stark contrast between our love for the sport and the pain of bringing the necessary gear".


Truls and Jon agree that the current situation for travelers needs to change. Without any further a due, they decide to join forces and take action. “I still remember that very moment”, Jon says. “We realized that it was time for travel gear to be redefined.” Jon, who had been traveling more than 300 days a year for the past 10 years, now has a grand vision of the ultimate travel gear – making the life of travelers better. Truls, in the process of finishing his master’s degree as a product development engineer, has a strong urge to develop new and better products. Together, the two of them lay the grounds for the Douchebags journey to start.