Skevik Anders 90 PROTOTYPE TRAVEL DEMO 180cm

  • Skevik Anders 90 PROTOTYPE TRAVEL DEMO 180cm


Skevik Anders 90 PROTOTYPE TRAVEL DEMO 180cm

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Available for our Travel Demo Program.

Just select the length of time you want to demo the skis for.

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We will make sure that the skis are delivered by a courier around 5 days before your flight departure date.

The Skevik Anders 90 Prototype

New for 2018, the Anders is an all mountain, all conditions, all skier, crowd-pleaser. Utilizing a laid back, more traditional mount position, along with a relatively mellow flex in the tip and mildly kicked up tail, it offers a forgiving and friendly 90mm width platform. And if one should be inclined to increase the speed, take to the air, and attack the mountain, the Anders will respond and deliver what’s needed. Any level of skier can jump on these for a full day at the resort and make smiles for miles, although we prefer kilometres…


180cm     130-90-120     18m     3360g

    All Mountain, Resort

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