Can you believe it's almost the end of financial year? We've just had the shortest day of the year go past and it's almost school holidays! This means that those July snow falls are getting really close now. Need some new kit? Want to go shopping right now? Then just CLICK HERE!

We would also like to let you know about our latest handmade ski brand to join the congress - Skevik Skis out of BC Canada. Brothers Greg and Glenn started making these handmade works of art in their garage workshop in Vernon, and now we get to bring them to you, right here in Australia and New Zealand. Skevik Skis joins our other epic handmade ski brands Rocky Mountain Underground, Sego Ski, Coalition Snow, Caravan, Fat-ypus, Soul and HG Skis, making Blackbird Bespoke Skis the leading specialists of Handmade Skis and Custom Made Skis in Australia.

And if this has got you thinking about your gear for 2017, we're taking orders now for all our handmade ski brands. If we haven't got it in stock right now, we can bring it in with the next order (being sent through each month). So take a look at the shop as you might just see your next pair of skis waiting for you - T