This is Japan.

As you may have gathered from earlier posts, the Blackbirds love visiting Japan.

And we know we are not the only ones that this mystical place has touched. To get a real sense of the 'wonderment' that you experience there, check out this awesome short film by Mattias Evangelista. It pretty much sums it all up perfectly.

This Is Japan from Mattias Evangelista on Vimeo.


Credits to:
Mattias Evangelista - I've spent the last two January's skiing and traveling in Japan. This is a place unlike any other. A place where old meets new, where tradition clashes with modernization and where beauty meets chaos. What's left is a culture so rich and diverse you have to see it to believe it. 

This is Japan.

Film and Edit: Mattias Evangelista
Additional Editing: Micah Evangelista
Skiing: KC Deane, Adam U, Mattias Evangelista
Additional Cinematography: Colin D Watt
Music: Landis Tanaka

Huge thanks to Grant Gunderson and Bill Ross for making these trips and experiences happen.

Thanks Mom and Dad.