New Bird Joins The Conspiracy!

The Blackbird crew are very proud to welcome aboard our latest member to join the team, Arkie Elliss. Starting her skiing life at 2yo and growing up literally on a pair of skis has seen Arkie become a formidable young skier. 

Building on her natural talent with dedicated programs like the Thredbo Mountain Academy and All Mountain Program, Arkie is well on her way to forging her presence in the skiing world.

With mentors such as Anna Segal and Michelle Parker, it’s no wonder you will find Arkie slaying deep furrows into fresh snow and getting a little ‘sendy’ when the opportunity presents itself. It’s in her blood.

Having cut her teeth on the famous hills, side and backcountry of the Thredbo region, and placing it firmly in her ‘favourites’, Arkie also names Jackson Hole and Mammoth Mountain on the list.

Proclaiming a love of big mountain skiing, fresh powder, moguls and big, fast, sweeping turns you can tell the passion runs deep and Arkie’s appetite for challenge is never satiated. Keeping herself active in the off-season is taken care of with her other loves of Surfing, Trampoline and Gymnastics. All the hallmarks of someone forged in an active lifestyle and happiest when smothered in it.

Welcome to the family Arkie. We can’t wait to fly with you.

Arkie Elliss Now Riding For Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co